What to watch: Copa90’s Derby Days episode on Brescia v. Atalanta

I am a huge fan of this show.

Derby Days Lombardia: 900 Years of Hate by Copa90 on YouTube

Eli Mengem does a brilliant job in the entire series, but this episode is probably my favorite in the entire series. This guy drops some seriously in depth knowledge in this episode, as he usually does, about a very overlooked rivalry.

The Derby della Lombardia is a fierce match-up by fans who are from what can be described as sister cities, Brescia and Bergamo. The cities are in the same region, Lombardia, and absolutely hate each other, all whilst being 40 minutes down the road from each other. And this city rivalry has been ongoing for hundreds of years, before calcio was even brought to the country, the Bresciano and the Bergamaschi have hated each other.

This is an extremely knowledgeable, well-made series from Copa90, which is a top provider in football media and football culture. Eli Mengem does an incredible amount of research on each derby, before he goes and experiences the derby for himself. Upon doing so, his reactions and undoubted love for the game reins more and more true each episode.

The show has outdone itself with this episode, and how great is it that it is an episode on Italian football?


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