Sarri Punches Ticket to Turin

I am shocked.

However, what can we really say about Maurizio coming back to Italy to manage Juventus? Maurizio is human just like the rest of us. He has his reasons.

For example, his father is 91 years old. It is understandable that Maurizio wants to come back to Italy to be closer to family. It is also understandable that the commandante wants a new challenge. He is proving to himself and to the rest of the world that he has thrown his name into the conversation of great managers. He has tasted success in Europe and he is hungry for more. How can we shame him for wanting to accomplish more in his career by managing a top club?

Very easily, for some. The Neapolitan is an emotional being, they feel betrayal knowing that their beloved Maurizio has joined the team that rivals Napoli.

I love Maurizio, but it is going to be very hard to see him on bianconeri sidelines next season. I pray that his presence in Turin is short lived, and as a Neapolitan, I wish him nothing but failure in his upcoming endeavor. However, once he leaves Juventus, which will not take too long, it will not be long before he is loved again. But the betrayal will never be forgotten. This is something that Sarri understands, and the fact that he still continued to go to Napoli’s biggest rival, just makes it all the more worse.

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