Random thoughts on Maurizio Sarri

Over the past few months, usually while browsing Twitter, I have noticed a (almost) cult following of Maurizio Sarri. And I have to say, I do not mind at all. Maurizio Sarri is a football genius, probably one of the smartest men in football this generation.

There are these Twitter pages dedicated to things only related to Sarri, and even books dedicated to his genius! I truly found out who Sarri even was during his time at Empoli, as he gained a lot of attention around the Italian league when he brought Empoli from Serie B to Serie A. Then, he made his way to Naples and brought brilliance to Napoli for three years.

As a Napoli fan, I enjoyed watching every minute of Sarri’s football, or Sarriball be played out on the pitch. Jorginho, Hamsik and Allan next to each other was an amazing trio in that midfield. Sarri really brought out the excellence in Jorginho’s play style.

Jorginho, Sarri and Alllan.

Many Napoli fans nowadays will actually find themselves watching Chelsea games, just to see Sarri’s genius at work. Perhaps it hasn’t gone as well as he’d like this season, but it is his first season with the club.

In his first season with the club, he has secured Champions League for next season, as well as bringing Chelsea to the Europa League semi-finals, and perhaps the final. That’s an impressive first season. All football fans nowadays are very impatient. Whenever I watch Chelsea games now, I feel bad for him on the sideline chewing his butts. I always wish I could give him a cigarette of mine.

But all Napoli fans wish for Sarri is the best, because he was great for the club and the city. He gave everything for Napoli and that is all the fans want from anyone who represents them.

I hope the love story between Napoli and Sarri is far from over.

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