Fiorentina v. Napoli: My Thoughts

This was one of the greatest openings to Serie A I’ve witnessed in a very long time, and perhaps there is some bias because I am Napoletano. But I will try to make this article as unbiased as possible.

Fiorentina are starting this season on a high. New additions like Kevin Prince-Boateng and German legend Franck Ribery are two signings that can have a good impact on any squad.

Image courtesy: Goal.com

Kevin Prince-Boateng displayed that right after he got subbed on for his debut today, as he netted in a stunning goal just a few minutes after taking an equally as stunning shot on goal, denied with strength by Napoli’s Alex Meret. Franck Ribery got a few minutes at the end and was not looking as impressive. However, after KPB scored that goal, he was mostly silent for the rest of the match. Felt as if his job was done, probably.

Napoli have had a decent summer in the transfer market as well. I think any Serie A team would be happy with added players like Di Lorenzo, Manolas and most recently, Lozano. However, Napoli fans do have a bitter taste in their mouths as a deal has not been made with Colombia’s James Rodriguez. But there is still time left in the mercato, anything could happen.

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Napoli and Fiorentina both showed a lot of heart in today’s match. A 7 goal thriller to start the season shows that both teams are fired up and want to win. On that note, I feel as though Napoli are a side that can sometimes lack the willingness to compete in the last 15-20 minutes of a match. I hope this is something that they get over this season and today’s game showed that they are tired of fans thinking that way as well.

Fiorentina showed a similar battle-like mentality in this match. They wanted the win and did everything to try and secure that win, but sometimes it is just impossible. A great performance by the Fiorentina squad though.

Other quick talking points:

  • What a goal by Dries Mertens. Class.
  • Chiesa has an unbelievable fitness level.
  • Both penalties were not penalties.
  • The officiating in this match was absurd. So much so that I would rather just not even write about it.

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