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                                            Spring hanger part

                                            Use units

                                            Specifications Model

                                            Wuxi City Jia Da Trading Company

                                            Spring hanger VS90F13 and other 8 sets

                                            Wuxi City in the Sheng purification equipment Limited

                                            Spring hanger VS60F10 and other 12 sets

                                            Sinopec Qingjiang Petrochemical Factory

                                            15 sets of constant force disc spring hanger

                                            Wuxi Li Xiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

                                            Hengli disc spring hanger 23 sets

                                            Shandong Shenxian Huaxiang Petrochemical Company Limited

                                            Spring hanger a group of 15 sets

                                            Guangzhou Qi Mei Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

                                            5 sets of stand-up constant hanger

                                            Guangzhou Qi Mei Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

                                            Variable disc spring hanger 16 sets

                                            Sanshui Yihao Asphalt Co., Ltd.

                                            Spring hanger: 22 sets of constant hanger

                                            Urumqi Xinghua stainless steel products supply office

                                            There are 16 sets of spring hanger

                                            Sinopec Qingjiang Petrochemical Factory

                                            5 sets of constant power disc spring hanger


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