Benefits from players transferring to Serie A

This mercato has been a very positive one for Italian football. The Serie A has seen some very familiar household names come to Italy, which will definitely be growing the league in terms of fans and as well as quality of football playing.

I’d like to speak about some players who have come to the Serie A this mercato.

  1. Kevin Prince-Boateng

Kevin Prince-Boateng is a very skilled midfielder coming from FC Barcelona after he was loaned there from Sassuolo. While it is not Boateng’s first season in Serie A, as he has most notably played for AC Milan and most recently Sassuolo. He may be a little passed his prime, but Boateng is an excellent player and actually ended up scoring on his debut for Fiorentina against Napoli.

2. Franck Ribery

Franck Ribery is a name that any football fan knows of and respects. A talented winger who boasts speed, dribbling skill and all around gifted technical ability has joined Fiorentina as well. Of course, Ribery is not the player he used to be, as he is now 36 years of age and isn’t as quick as he used to be. He brings experience, grit and overall skill into this hungry Fiorentina side. However, I am not sure if Ribery was the right signing for this club due to his age. But having Ribery in the Serie A already brings fans to watch.

3. Romelu Lukaku

Okay, listen… I am not going to sit here and act like I think Romelu Lukaku is the greatest player in the world. But he is a very known name and he is a talented player. Perhaps, he was not talented for Premier League football, but after his departure from Manchester United, I think he is ready to make a serious statement in Serie A, already scoring two goals in two games for Inter Milan.

4. Hrving Lozano

This is an important transfer for Serie A. Hrving Lozano is in his absolute prime and he has decided to come to Napoli, with Premier League clubs interested in him, he pushed a move to Naples under Carlo Ancelotti. The Mexican star is only 24 years old and scored a very important goal on his debut with Napoli against Juventus of all clubs. At Allianz Stadium.

5. Antonio Conte

Okay, maybe this list won’t be all players. But the arrival of Antonio Conte to Serie A is too exciting not to speak about. The Italian league is filled with coaching genius this season: Conte, Ancelotti, Sarri, Mihajlović, etc. These are coaches who have a passion for either beautiful football or hard working football and I am very excited to see how these battles between very intelligent coaches get on this season.

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